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AURA Pictures closes the year with the screening of FAITH at the Film Academy of Spain

The cycle 'Otro Cine', organised by ACCIÓN, was attended by Carol Butrón who presented her short film FAITH together with the works of Grojo, Miguel Becerra and María Pardo and shared a debate afterwards María Pardo.

Last Tuesday, December 21st, the cycle 'Otro Cine' was held at the Film Academy of Spain with the participation of Carol Butrón and the screening of FAITH. The attendees were also able to enjoy the short films by the filmmakers Grojo, Miguel Becerra and María Pardo. Along with María Pardo, Carol Butrón shared a talk with the audience led by Juan Vicente Córdoba, president of the Asociación de Directores ACCIÓN.

Álvaro Márquez (actor at FAITH) and Carol Butrón (director & actress)
Álvaro Márquez (actor at FAITH) and Carol Butrón (director & actress)

With this meeting, Aura Pictures closes a year full of success thanks to FAITH and GAIA, which are bringing so much joy to the production company. After passing through the Sitges Film Festival, where its world premiere took place, FAITH has toured important festivals: the Buffalo International Film Festival in New York hosted its premiere in the United States and the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival awarded two nominations for Best Actress for Irene Fernández and Best Director for Carol Butrón.

For its part, GAIA was the most awarded project at Conecta Fiction, one of the meetings par excellence in the field of television series. Specifically, it won the France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine award for a development contract, the Acorde Music Library award and the Navarra Televisión award.

Carol Butrón has also participated in the Woman in Fan season organised by the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA). More recently, she attended the Gijón International Film Festival, where she analysed, together with other professionals from the audiovisual sector, the current situation of film directors in Spain.


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