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FAITH's World Premiere at Sitges

Irene Fernández (actress), Álvaro Márquez (actor), Carol Butrón (director & actress), Alba Ruiz (Production Director), Jorge Andreu (actor)

This Saturday we premiered #FAITH at SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, in Official Selection. It was one of the most emotional and beautiful days for the whole team of the project. We were 5 people from the team (Alba Ruiz, Irene Fernández, Jorge Andreu and Álvaro Márquez) and 20 between friends and family, although this film is made up of more than 200 people who have participated during the last 3 years. Thanks to MAILUKI FILMS SL for the excellent distribution work they have done and to the Festival for counting on us. Yesterday it has also premiered at BIFF, New York, for USA.

Carol Butrón (director & actress) and Alba Ruiz (Production Director), presenting FAITH at Meliá cinema among the other directors and producers at the Official Section in Competition

When we came up with the idea of #FAITH in 2017, we had a very strong narrative vision with the theme of parallel universes and union through music, and we set ourselves the ambitious task of seeking maximum excellence in all departments; working with the best. Thus, we have wonderful professionals in all areas: direction, production, acting, photography, sound, music, light, color, art, costumes, makeup....

Although in principle #FAITH was going to be a feature film, in the end we decided to make it a long short film, to maintain the highest creative quality with our budget, since the recreation of science fiction and the technical investment is very high. On Saturday we saw the result for the first time in a room as spectacular as the Meliá Tramuntana, and we were moved.

In addition to the incredible photography by Mario Lerma, the sound has been the great guiding thread of the project. We composed the music with Brian Hunt and from there we put the story together. We have two great sound engineers who have worked a lot with the Trueba family, Álvaro Wuth (direct sound) and Salomé Limón (sound design and musical ambience); the latter also has 4 Grammy Awards.

The sound designer, Carolina Antón, at Astro LX studios, in Mexico

To put the cherry on top of this great team, Carolina Antón, a wonderful sound engineer, has made us a 5.1. for rooms that has left us totally speechless. The parallel world has an immersive sound that, when seen on the big screen, leaves its mark. And if that wasn't enough, we were able to screen to review the #FAITH mix at Astro LX studio in Mexico with the support of engineer Jaime Baksht (Oscar winner for Sound Of Metal).

We are happy.


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