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It is 2030, on the brink of irreversible

climate change a series of "magical" events start to happen

Genre: Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller
Episodes: 8 chapters of 20-30 min.

Seasons: 5

Format: Short Form
Cost per episode: 250,000 euros
Creators: Carol Butrón and Carlos Limón

Produced by: AURA Pictures 

Some cast and crew


The ecological and transmedia series that featured on 


Located in France & Catalonia


Why GAIA?    Why now?


When I thought about making GAIA I asked myself the following question: how can we make art when the world is coming to an end? And from there came the idea of making a hybrid audiovisual and digital series with an ecological background. Our example to follow has been SKAM in the sense that its directors saw that the problem of bullying was growing in Norway and decided to make a fiction about it with a powerful transmedia that would engage young people. And boy, did they succeed. The success has been worldwide and has been replicated in many countries.

Another important source of inspiration was the series The Collapse, an ecological fiction made by three French directors who came from the world of short films. The series is short-form, 20-minute chapters, which is working better and better.

Although they share the same format, there is a big difference between The Collapse and GAIA, and that is that The Collapse spoke of "the end of the world", and in contrast in GAIA reigns hope that the human being has very good qualities to be an agent of change if we collaborate with each other and if we look for a leadership based on empathy and understanding, as is the case of our protagonist, Gala. It's not easy, but we must not lose hope or fail to see the good things hope or stop seeing the good that still remains in humanity, and that is not litle.

We hope that the series engages and we can expand the discourse around the climate crisis thanks to the great power of fiction and people's stories.


Co-creator Carol Butrón is an internationally awarded director whose works has been premiered at festivals such as Sitges International Film Fest and won prizes in the US (Best Sci-fi Short Film at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York - Museum of the Moving Image. 

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